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Efflux is a method of facilitated transport carried out by protein complexes that fall into one of six currently identified classes based on their protein structure. The genes encoding efflux proteins can be both chromosomal and harbored on plasmids, making it possible for horizontal transmission…. Furthermore, I will outline the…. The variation in head groups and aliphatic chains allows the presence of more than different lipid species in any eukaryotic cell.

Two papers describe how a membrane protein can move both lipids and ions

Two papers describe how a membrane protein can move both lipids and ions

The membrane is selectively permeable which certain molecules are allowed to enter and exit the cell. The transport of molecules that enter and exit out of the cell require an endomembrane system that separates and compartmentalizes the different cellular functions of a variety of organelles. In Cell Structures Involved in. Plasma membrane is important in eukaryotic cell and it has many internal compartments.

SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: a key target for eliciting persistent neutralizing antibodies

A multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists has developed a new class of filtration membranes for a variety of applications, from water purification to small-molecule separations to contaminant-removal processes, that are faster to produce and higher performing than current technology. This could reduce energy consumption, operational costs and production time in industrial separations. Led by Manish Kumar, associate professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, the research team describes their new high-performance membranes in a recent issue of Nature Materials.
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