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Both of her brothers were killed in battle; however one brother fought against their home city and was considered a traitor. Creon issued a law that whoever tried to bury Polyneices would be put to death. Antigone is very upset because her one brother is graced with all the rites of a hero, while the other is disgraced. Antigone is determined to bury her brother because of her loyalty to her family and to the gods. She believes that no mortal, such as Creon, has the right to keep her from her own. Throughout the drama Antigone, King Creon and Antigone had conflict between one another regarding the issue of how her two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, were going to be buried.
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Antigone vs. Creon

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. King Creon of Thebes is an ignorant and oppressive ruler. Antigone was not wrong in disobeying Creon, because he was evil and tyrannical. Agree with the notion that Antigone performs the role of woman and warrior at once. She does not only what a kinswoman would, but also what a warrior would do. Creon, who had become the new ruler of Thebes, decided that one brother Eteocles would be honored, while Polyneices would be put through public shame.
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Essay on Antigone vs Creon

The main idea throughout the play is entrenched in the conflict between Antigone and Creon, the two protagonists, on the basis of morale and justice. Although the city of Thebes has won the battle, the two brothers have killed one another and Thebes has no king. The brothers uncle, Creon, assumes position of king of Thebes. Under his first decree Creon declares that no man will be allowed to bury Polynices since he brought an outside army from Argos to battle against Eteocles in Thebes. Now the battle between Antigone and Creon begins, and they are the focal point of the drama.
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The play Antigone is written by Sophocles. Considering his style in the play, Sophocles appears to favor Antigone over Creon. Creon refusing to bury Polynices shows that he highly values nationalism, man chauvinism, power, and reputation. In the beginning of Antigone, Creon orders that Polynices will be left unburied. Creon puts Thebes above everything else.
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