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Imbalance in the life forms in water, when fertilizers are released into the water, the chemicals in them will lead into an abnormal growth in water organisms such as algae and marine plants, the abnormal growth will make them grow in a larger size which will block up the water ways, and thus blocking will prevent the sufficient oxygen needed by them from entering. One of the most seriously troubling effects of water pollution is the death of marine animals that lives in the aquatic system such as birds, whales and dolphins and fish in general sea. The main cause of this effect is the oil leaking and disposal from oil Tankers. The discharge of the oil in sea makes the water surface thick and black in color, this will block the sun light and oxygen from entering causing death to fish.

Argumentative Essay On Water Pollution

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Endangered specie populations in Mexico Introduction: Humans have drastically modified wildlife by polluting the earth we live in. Pollution is one of the major insidious threats to the environment, it ranges from obvious action, such as dumping in rivers and lakes to sprayed undetected chemicals. However, if the effect is permanent or short term the outcome does not change. Pollution changes the balance of ecosystems which causes numerous animals to become extinct. For example, the Bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and brown pelican all became endangered or extinct prior to scientists finding out that the chemical DDT, a chemical used largely in the United States as a pesticide. The countless health problems, costs, and mortality that occurs with air pollution are a growing concern globally and especially for the children of China.

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Globally, water pollution is to blame for around 2. Most of these happen in developing countries because of the lack of fresh water to begin with. Water pollution in any country, only subtracts from the global amount of fresh water.
Many students choose to write an ocean pollution essay out of concern for the disastrous situation in which One of the most vivid examples is ocean pollution with plastics — one can find plastics on any remote shore around the globe. There is plastic floating on the surface of the water, there is submerged plastic, and there are also microplastics.

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