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North Europe has the lowest seroprevalence rate in the world. Decreased seroprevalence is problematic as it is indicating that most of the individuals in the defined population are susceptible to HAV infection which can result in outbreak of an epidemic. In , an epidemic occurred due to ingestion of inadequately cooked bivalve mollusks from sewage polluted water in Shanghai and resulted in infection of approximately , people 1. In regions where majority of individuals are susceptible to HAV infection, routine vaccination is suggested for prevention of HAV epidemic outbreaks 7.

Hepatitis B Case Study

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A case study of occupational exposure to hepatitis B shows how to transform occupational health nursing care through reflective practice. This article describes the case of Serena, a year-old surgeon infected with the hepatitis B virus HBV. Hepatitis B is a major public health concern. Worldwide, an estimated million people have a chronic HBV infection, with about , people dying annually from complications World Health Organisation WHO , Surgery involves exposure prone procedures EPP posing risks of transmitting blood from worker to patient during surgery Department of Health DH , EPP workers must be free from infectious blood borne viruses BBVs , including hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and must not pose an infection risk for HIV in order to protect patients during accidental surgical exposure DH,

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The Ohio State University. While all forms of viral hepatitis present with similar symptoms, jaundice, fever, abdominal pain, nausea, and fatigue they are also different in many ways. Below we describe the possible differential diagnoses for our patient. The most definitive way to tell what kind of Hepatitis our patient has would be to have him take a Viral Hepatitis Serology Test. Gee, I.
Topics on this page : What Is Hepatitis B? Who Is Most Affected? HBV infection causes inflammation of the liver.

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