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Today, we are celebrating the birthday of my youngest brother, Udong Placido in real life. Udong and I were used to be the babies among the five barako all male brothers. I am only two years ahead of him and I am almost 10 years younger than my third precedent brother. It was really never easy striving to be like the center of attraction as one could not avoid and definitely would always tend to upstage the other.

Dynamite Lumpia with Cheese and Beef

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At last I had a chance again to taste the food prepared by one of my great mentors in the subject of cooking, my Mama Fe my Aunt who took care of me when I was young. On our short visit to the Philippines during the last days of our stay my Auntie Fe had a chance to catch up with us, one morning she visited us at my Moms vacation unit and brought over some prepared ingredients for her to cook where she brought some Kare Kare, kakanin and this Dynamite Lumpia. I wanted to make this for a long time but was not able to at home as it might be so spicy for my wife and daughter hence I never attempted but this time it was served to me by the person where I first learned how to cook. It was quite an early lunch for us where she served freshy cooked food at AM in the morning, we just woke up as we came from another catch up with friends and we went home AM early in the morning. She served a great hangover food, deep fried, cheese and chillies can it be better than that, match it with some Kare Kare then you call that breakfast for the champions. I did ate a lot and even convinced my wife to try them. She did have a bite and was able to tolerate it, I guess I will try to make a version which is less hot by scraping the insides to the chillies leaving the flavour but minimizing the hotness.

Dinamita (Dynamite Spring Rolls)

Last Updated on April 24, by Ed Joven. Dynamite Cheese Sticks Recipe Lumpia Dinamita — Fill your empty stomach with this tasty snack and appetizer at the same time. You can usually see Dynamite Sticks on some occasions or at the side of the street.
Hi i've tried ur recipe but while im slicing the sili my hands get so hot. Do u know how to cure this? Thus that's why this paragraph is amazing.

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